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literally, others not. The waters of lakes and rivers are said to sting (pican) during the month of May; and those who bathe therein always say before entering into the water, to cure it, " JesHs y cruz a formula sim- ilar to the one used in applying. 3 1 See the author's work, "The Spanish Language in New Mexico and Southern Colo- rado" (Bulletin of the New Mexico Historical Society,. Nearly every abandoned adob6 house is said to be haunted by ghosts, and at one time or another some one has seen a ghost there.

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The person affected should drink nine draughts of water without breathing. 1 The more com- mon New Mexican invocations which are recited on the approach of a storm, for protection against thunderbolts and lightning, are: (a) "Santa Barbara don cea, 2 Libranos de la centea." 2 (b) "Santa Barbara doncea, Libranos del rayo y. If any one is eating and a child appears, it must be given to eat, lest its bile burst. See Lenz, Los Elementos indios del Caslellano de Chile, etc. We Heart It, Nils Verkooijen, louderonline, Bershka, Apple Nederland, Vivian Gomez Cardoso, Vogue, Just Brands Stores, Gespot: Spinoza Lyceum, The Brow Institute,. Bakers' yeast, a model for fungal biofilm formation. There is a third remedy; but this is one that should be applied only in case the child has a violent fever, and when it is not certain whether or not it is el ojo.

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